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Manning's takes sole leadership of Group One in the inter zone round of the DaCosta cup

Manning's by virtue of winning Zone C was placed in Group One of the six groups in the inter-zone round. The groups consist of four (4) teams each, with the zone winners advancing to the quarter-finals along with the best two (2) second place teams. Manning's has virtually put one foot into the quarter-finals with a morale boosting 2-0 win over William Knibb. In the first match of a double header at the Frome Sports Complex. Manning's started brightly in the one o’clock sun. Manning's passed the ball around better than they did in all their matches to date, but seemed a little rusty in front of goal as the front men both missed clear chances in the first half an hour of the game. But Manning's would take the lead after about thirty-five minutes when the captain James Walters out of nowhere ran onto a cross that seem to be heading directly to there William Knibb goalkeeper, and slotted the ball into the back of the net.  There was pandemonium in the sparsely populated stands as the supporters (mostly students) celebrated the goal. As the Rastafarian referee blew the whistle for halftime Manning's lead by one goal to nil.


The second half started with the visitors pushing for the equalizer which they should have achieved but a brilliant bit of last ditch defending rescued the situation when the 'Manning's goalkeeper dropped the ball in the area. With the goal keeper stranded, the defender had to dribble out a bit and then clear the ball while been hounded by two William Knibb attackers all the while not panicking. After William Knibb totally dominated for the first fifteen minutes of the second half they were made to pay for over-attacking. Manning's then proceeded to put the game out of reach in the sixtieth minute as the visitors committed too much into attack and a swift counter attacking move by Ashawnie Samuels (twin)ended when he struck a powerful left foot shot into the goal. That goal made up for his miss from point blank range about five minutes earlier and put Manning's firmly into the drivers’ seat.  William Knibb seemed to run out of steam after that goal and Manning's was never really tested after that Ashawnie Samuels strike. Manning's had other chances but there was no addition to the score.  By this time the stands were filled with spectators anticipating the second match in the group featuring Frome vs. St. James. When the referee signaled the end of regulation time Manning's shot to the top of the zone with three points from one game after completing a 2-0 victory. At the end of the second match Manning's still had the lead in the group as the Frome vs. St. James game ended 0-0. Manning's travels to Jarrett Park on Saturday to play St. James and then returns to the Frome sports Complex next Wednesday in the final match to face Frome.  Victory in any of the two remaining matches coupled with a win or draw for William Knibb against the other two teams will definitely put Manning's into the quarter-finals.
Let’s go out and cheer our Alma Mater on.

Anyone interested in a supporter jersey can contact me at 1-876-3680544. Cost is J$2000.00, it’s a contribution towards the DaCosta Cup program so let us do our part.


  • Scholarships
  • New Fence
  • Congratulations
  • Mrs. Wagstaffe
  • Alumni visit

Mannings School Western Chapter would like to thank Dr. Steve Buddington , ( Alumni) Associate Professor Sociology / Social Work at Dillard University New Orleans, for his offering to assist Manning's Students in applying for scholarships at this prestigious university. Ten students have started the process of filling out application forms. The Sixth Form Supervisor at Manning's Mrs Jennifer Brown says there are many more students with the necessary grades to be able to be accepted in any university, and is hoping that other Alumi who know where these oppertunities are, anywhere in the world, need to make the school aware so that the students of Manning's will be in a position to apply and take advantage of these oppertunities. There are presently past students who have been accepted into the U.W.I, but who are now considering dropping out because their families are not financially able to keep them there. This is an unfortunate situation, as it means that only children of well off persons will be able to receive a U.W.I education. W/C is in agreement with Mrs Brown, there are Manning's Alumni worldwide who know where oppertunities are for our students , and not making these oppertunities known. It is now time for a change , the Western Chapter is going to track oppertunities for our students, because if we do not do it ourselves, nobody else will. All prominent schools in Jamaica looks out for their students, we need to do the same. Nuff said. Let us make a start people, the students of Manning's will be the better off for it.

Thank you Dr. Steve Buddington, thanks for your continued assistance to the Western Chapter and Manning's School.


The security fence on Seaton Street has been extended to the corner of Beckford Street, the fencing on this northern section of Manning's is now complete. The school P.T.A. is responsible for the completion of this project . To look at the attached pics. you will see the work of the Western Chapter ( renovation of the Auditorium ) and the wall, the work of the P.T.A. two organizations within the Manning's Family working in tandem to make the school a better place for students. Manning's '85.Inc and the school Board are the other members of the school community that are working to make Manning's a better institution of learning for the future. The emphasis will now be placed on the building of a fence for the back of the property, which is estimated to cost Ja. $ 10,000,000.00 . The front of the school is also in need of an impressive fence to highlite the importance of this institution of learning. The Western Chapter has received a technical drawing of what we would like this structure to look like. This drawing will be submitted to the relevant Manning's Family members for their consideration. Security is vital to a school the size of Manning's and will be a costly affair. If all All family members within the Manning's community work together with one accord, we will accomplish this task .
All indicators are that the passes from CXC and Cape Exams done last year are very impressive . Manning's continues to produce students that are well rounded and have impressive passes academically. Congratulations to the Principal and all the teachers who have given their all to make these students the successes that they are.
The Principal Mrs. Wagstaffe will be demitting office in January 2010, and the School Board is now in the process of trying to find her replacement. The Manning's Community would like to thank Mrs. Wagstaffe for her contribution to the school.

Alumni visit to school.

Dr. Terrence Johnson, mentor, Class Leader '75 & '76 et al, instrumental in  presenting to the Science Department three state of the art microscopes, paid a visit to Manning's this week. He is wanting to make another fund raising drive to again benefit the students. His Class has adopted the Science Dept.and indications are that  the Biology Dept. has received 100 % passes  in recent  Cape Biology passes, with 90 % DISTINCTIONS. Last year Manning's came first in the island in Cape Biology Unit 2 passes, a very significant accomplishment that needs to be highlighted. Credit must be given to Mrs. Carmen Gardner ( Bio. Teacher), and all the other teachers who had an input to this success. To the Manning's Alumni who pledged funds to procure these microscopes, Mrs Gardner feels they helped greatly in the students success, you have made a difference. Keep up the good work and look out for Terrence's new fund raising drive.